The Advantages of using Nebulizer Machines

The advantages of using a nebulizer machines instead of traditional medicine taking are the following: this device is easy to handle and makes it possible to control the dosage and achieve necessary therapeutic effect. Moreover the dosage of the medicine may be reduced but nevertheless you will achieve good results due to better fixation. The fact is that a nebulizer machine helps to keep pharmaceutical substance under control and get it to the respiratory tract directly and intentionally. The result is obvious the person gets better more quickly and with more positive effects for the health. One more advantage is that simple inhalation technique makes it possible to use a nebulizer machine for medical treatment of the patients of all ages. But there could be found some disadvantage of using a nebulizer.For example, there is a definite range of medicines that can be used in the nebulizer as not all of them are suitable for this kind of treatment. Moreover not all patients are capable of handling the device properly and sometimes overdose the medicine what leads to unpleasant local irritations. So if you decide to make ah inhalation, be careful while choosing a good nebulizer machine!  We hope that in this range of nebulizer machines you will be able to find Top Nebulizers In India that will meet your requirements.

Ultrasonic nebulizer machine

This is a recherché inhaler as not all of us would buy exactly this type of machine.
The transformation of the pharmaceutical substance into the aerosol is happening under the influence of ultrasonic waves. Not all medicines are suitable for this type of nebulizers. In particular it shouldn’t be used with hormonals and antibiotics as their structure gets destroyed.
Ultrasonic nebulizer is much more compact and easy than the other machines. Moreover it is almost noiseless. But the device is not that easy-to-use.  As well as the compressor nebulizer this one is sold at relatively low price but it is not so popular among the customers.

Mesh nebulizer

Mesh nebulizer is also called membrane or electro-mesh inhaler. Sometimes it gets confused with the ultrasonic nebulizer machines.
It should be noticed that the mesh nebulizer really looks like the ultrasonic. Both of them are noiseless and portable. But unlike the ultrasonic, mesh nebulizer doesn’t destroy the medicine structure.
The principle of the mesh machine operation is the following: pharmaceutical substance passes through the electro-mesh membrane and turns into the aerosol.
As you see mesh nebulizer combined in itself all the positive properties that have been reflected in its price: this kind of inhaler is quite costly.

Vapor nebulizer machine

This inhaler is intended to be used for the prevention and treatment of mild infections of the upper respiratory tract and in cosmetology.
The principle of its operation is quite simple: there is boiling water inside this inhaler where you may add any essence or herb to your liking.

Nebulizers can be very effective for the treatment of chronic bronchitis, spasmodic asthma and other diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tracts.

The advantage of using a nebulizer instead of traditional medicine taking is that this device is easy to handle and makes it possible to control the dosage and achieve necessary therapeutic effect. Simple inhalation technique makes it possible to use a nebulizer for medical treatment of the patients of all ages. But don’t forget that in order to choose a proper nebulizer you should consult your medical advisor.

Portable nebulizer is a really good choice for those who depend on a regular intake of the medicine. Such devices work on batteries or accumulator that needs constant recharge. So if you go on a long trip make sure that you won’t be left without an essential dose of the medicine. Portable nebulizer machine is very compact: in its dimensions it doesn’t exceed the size of your palm and consequently will find place in your handbag or even in your pocket.

Having a portable nebulizer you may enjoy usual mode of life. You may work, meet with your friends, go on travels and nothing will challenge you with such a reliable device. Modern nebulizer machine are so small and handy that no one of your relatives or friends will notice that you need regular inhalation of the medicine. Usually the use of nebulizer presents no difficulties as it is controlled by one button. There are two modes of the nebulizer operation: continuous and pulsed. As the result you will be able to choose the one that better suits you.

The main difference between portable inhaler and stationary ones is their dimensions. But despite the small size nebulizer completely fulfills its function and produces good effect. It should be also said that portable nebulizers usually cost a little more than stationary ones.
There are many different ways of medical treatment. One of the most ancient is inhalation that could be done with the help of special equipment. In the course of time appeared definite devices for making inhalations and they are called nebulizer machines.
They can be used for medical treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tracts. Nebulizer machine is the so called inhaler that transforms definite solution into the aerosol.
Up to this date there are two main types of portable nebulizers: compressor nebulizers and ultrasonic nebulizers. They also differ in their dimensions and in the range of pharmaceutical substances available for use. The choice of the one you need will depend on the medical purpose for that you are going to use it.