Hiking Essentials – Trekking Poles And Their Benefits.

Hiking is not just about getting from A to B…Hiking is a great way to get and stay fit. Your body will appreciate your efforts for years to come! Hiking is also a great way to collect thoughts and realize just what a wonderful thing nature is. With an active, healthy body and a clear, alert mind, the world is a better place…and the only cost is your hiking equipment!

Trekking Poles – Why You Should Take Them When Go For Hiking

Trekking pole is one of the essential item that many hikers, trekkers of backpackers carry. There are many benefits of trekking poles and the foremost is that they considerably decreases stress on your knees and feet and share the load on your shoulders, arms and back evenly. If you are carrying heavy backpack then you must consider buying a trekking pole. They also help improve your posture while walking and climbing, making hikers more upright as they walk on a long trail and in turn this can help breathing.

There are many types of trekking poles available and depending upon your need, you should pick the right trekking pole. Some hiking poles haveĀ  shock absorbing springs, that absorbs much of the shock and make it easy for you to walk on uneven terrain. With such anti shock trekking poles, the strain on your arms and shoulders are considerably decreased and hence they are suitable for long trails. Here You Can find some best trekking poles in UK.

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Essentials That You Should Take While Going For Hiking

Here are some of important things you should keep in your backpack.

Energy Food
If you’re out hiking for a number of hours, always take energy food with you which should be full of nutrients. Your body is exerting a lot of energy, so you will need to keep your inner furnace burning. Eating these kinds of foods can give you an energy burst if you’re flagging, and if you’re spending the night out, can keep you warm inside, especially just before bedding down for the night…just make sure you pack the food away from hungry wildlife!

On shorter day hikes, chocolate, nuts and bananas will keep you ticking over along with raisins and jelly babies to boost sugar levels. Taking small packs of food for energy is another essential often overlooked in hiking.

Safety Items
I see many hikers throughout the year without adequate safety gear in their kit. To me, it’s another essential to have. If you’re out in unknown country and it’s starting to get dark AND you’re at the point of no return you have to remain safe. A flashlight will help you read your map and light your way. If you get lost, build a fire for warmth as well as a beacon for others to know you’re out there. You need a light too, perhaps a head-torch or hand held one…and how are you going to start the fire with no tools?

It’s also imperative you take a whistle just in case you find yourself hopelessly lost. A burst of 3 blasts on your whistle will alert others so much more than shouting for help, it will cover a bigger distance. If you do get lost, don’t panic. Keep calm and behave rationally and having a safety kit with you will give you comfort and give you more chance of staying safe and secure until daylight or until help arrives.

First Aid Kit
It’s another good idea to take a pre-packaged first aid kit with you on longer hikes. You never know when you might cut yourself on branches or a rock or maybe get stung by some crazy insect. These kits are very light and contain the main basics for first aid. If you take hiking seriously, why not take a first aid course where you could benefit yourself and others? When you’re out in the wilds this kind of knowledge could save your life as well as other hikers.

Sun Glasses and Sunscreen
Yes…Sunscreen and sunglasses are essential to hiking! Sunglasses will save you from snow blindness in the winter months and shield you eyes from burning sun and eye squint in the summer. Sunscreen is a definite essential because you may be out in the heat and sun for hours and your skin needs protection. Leaving without sunscreen on a sunny day will leave you slowly cooking yourself.

Insect repellent is an essential if you’re in a place where biting insects abound. Midges and Mosquitoes are the bane of hikers sometimes. A powerful spray will help keep biting at bay. Make sure you spray your ankles, if you’re walking through grassy areas, you may end up with a few little nips from irate insects!