What to do if your garbage disposal get clogged

When the garbage disposal get clogged then something you have to deal with it can be come time consuming and frustrating. Your goal should be to keep it working in the best possible condition. Here are some guidelines that can significantly reduce the chances of such problems being part of your day.

Watch What Goes in
While it may seem obvious that you should watch what goes in there, most of the problems that result in clogged garbage disposal have to do with items being in there that are too harsh for it. Make sure you get all of the silverware and small items out of your sink before you let the water go down the drain. Sometime small like a top to a salt shaker can be very damaging to your garbage disposal.

Never put bones, clam shells, or other times of remains from your meals through the garbage disposal. If you have been doing this and it hasn’t been a problem you are lucky. Yet it is really just a matter of time before clogged issues crops up because of it. Do yourself a favor and toss those items into the trash can. You also need to buy a good garbage disposal unit for better performance.

Use it Often
A common mistake that people make is that they don’t use their garbage disposal very often. They use it once a week or so or when they get a whiff of something stinking down there. Yet this type of limited use can cause too much to build up. Then when you do turn on the garbage disposal it can result in it getting clogged up.

Try to use it each time you finish doing your dishes to take care of anything that may be down there. By doing this you will significantly reduce the risk of garbage disposal clogged concerns in the future.

Run Water when you Use It
One of the best ways to prevent clogging of the food waste disposer  is to run water when you have it on. The water will help what is going down there to be crushed up to be able to push it along. This will also help prevent your motor from working too hard. The last thing you want is that motor to burn up and then you have to replace the entire thing.

Run the cold water at full force any time you have your garbage disposal on. Run the water a few seconds before you turn it on and then again for a few seconds after you turn it off.

Avoid Commercial Drain Cleaners
While it may be tempting to place commercial drain cleaners down there from time to time, don’t do it. This process can ruin various internal parts and that is going to cause it not to work like it should. Your disposal clogged issues can start to occur frequently due to those types of problems.

If you have some slow drains you can use natural products such as bleach. I don’t like the strong smell of it though so I recommend using a mix of baking soda and vinegar. You can also grind up some peels of oranges or lemons. They will offer a very pleasant smell and it is one less item that ends up in your trash can.

Pay Attention to how it Operates
There are often going to be signs that your garbage disposal will be clogging. For example it could be making a grinding noise, the water isn’t flowing through it quickly like it should, or you seem to be getting more odors from it than before.

By paying attention to such changes you will be able to take action right away. It is much easier to take care of a small problem then to wait for it to escalate into something more significant. Get into the habit of treating your garbage disposal right though and you will soon find that it really pays off. Your issues with clogs can be a thing of the past.

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