Crepe and Pancakes – a healthy breakfast option?

One of the most important meal for me (and I guess for everyone) is breakfast. Our body is hungry after a long night of fasting and so it is necessary to have a good breakfast that has good nutrient value. Most often considered healthy foods for breakfast are the following: cereal with milk, yogurt, tuna with full grained bread and scrambled or boiled eggs. Each of these meals has its pros and cons. Cereal and milk, for example, deliver lots of fibre (cereal), complex carbohydrates (given that you use full grained cereal), slow and fast digesting protein in the form of whey and casein (milk) and fats (milk).

Overall, this is a well balanced meal. It is wise, however, to use low fat, organic milk. The second choice (yogurt) is suitable for those who seek a light morning meal. If a fruit yogurt is chosen this way, you also get a variety of vitamins and minerals, not to mention great nutritional value. With yogurt you get fast (whey) and slow (casein) digesting protein, simple and complex carbohydrates (this depends on the type of yogurt) and also some fats. Let us move on to the third selection – tuna with full grained bread. This meal is particularly rich in protein (fish) and healthy fats – omega 3 and 6. Many times I also make pancakes or crepe and serve it with honey and fruits.

Because of said fat content, it digests slower, giving a longer lasting ”full stomach” feeling. Full grained bread in this option ensures a fair content of fibre and complex carbohydrates. Eggs are known to have great nutrition value – especially in vitamin H (biotin) and all essential amino acids, not to mention a fair amount of protein. It is important to say, however, that they raise cholesterol levels slightly. Due to this it is important to either eat them boiled (no added fat in the form of oil), or to eat them less frequently (twice a week or less).

Do You Need Crepe Maker For Making Crepe or Pancakes?

If you want to make pancakes and crepe fast then you must buy a good crepe maker. Sure you can make both pancakes and crepe on an ordinary pan or skillet, but the chances are they will most likely stick on your pan or it wont be that much soft. A crepes maker offers you a handy alternative of cooking so that you can address the diverse needs of your family with hygienic standards maintained. The extended grip allows you to hold the device so that you could be able to fry the mix properly. Meanwhile, electric models add great sheen to your kitchen ensuring that you cook the batter in a perfect manner. The non-stick plate is available with an aluminum coating that avoids rusting of the surface. The length of griddle is usually of 12 inches assuring that have a flexible grip while cooking.

A batter spreader is offered along with each of the crepes maker to make the process of preparing your recipe easier for you. After switching on the device, you need to let it heat up for a couple of minutes. Start spreading the batter all over and wait for it to cook. Another great advantage you have is the feature of various temperature settings. Checking the quality of the recipe during various stages will prove to be very useful for you through such settings. Additionally, you have a spatula with which spreading the mix will become simple. If you want to buy a best quality crepe maker in UK then check this website

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