A Weekend with the Bell Family

Bank holiday Monday is normally a day of rest. Well not in the Bell family household. So we decided to take a trip to Oxford. From Hinton Waldrist to Oxford via the river. 20 miles.

My brother, is an army lad, and in training decided to pack a bag bigger than several people and walk to Oxford. With our two dogs. I decided to run it. And my sister and Mum decided to cycle it.

photo 3

I had my BAM Clothing vest, jumper and leggings on. My Aquapac waterproof phone case on my arm. And I was ready to go.

Charles set off first. And I followed an hour later. The weather was beautiful. I ran along the river passing so many people walking dogs, running, kayaking and cycling. But then you have chunks of time where there is no one. There are fences to climb over and I was feeling strong.

photo 3

Hours passed and miles were covered. I finally caught up to Charles jogging along with the dogs, followed by Livs and Mum and we all carried along together. We hit the outskirts of Oxford as the rain started to fall and called Dad who drove to an arranged meeting spot with bags of Vitamin Water.

We didn’t count the miles or measure how long we ran for. We just spent our Bank Holiday Monday by the Thames. I loved it. No arranged event. Nothing planned. We just did it.